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Decoding Signatures

Authored by Ms. Sapnaa Rraheja, Numerology Expert, Nitaa Om Wellness

A signature is a depiction of our personality; it shows the flow and consistency of our thoughts, commitment, our nature and leaves an overall impression on the subconscious mind of the reader. It reveals how one perceives themselves and wants others to perceive them. Every stroke or formation in one's signature carries a message or a hidden meaning understood and absorbed by the subconscious. To give you a small understanding, if the signature is unreadable, it specifically depicts a hidden nature; or if alphabets are missing, or if there is a huge circle formation, all carry a deeper meaning.

Let me explain with an example of our very well-known and beloved personality - Mr. Amitabh Bachhan. His signature shows a rounded A which indicates a down to earth or grounded personality with a polite and fluent nature, but the open B again shows some restlessness and impatience. However, the impression numerologically shows him to be a commited personality with being a perfectionist.  The finishing line shows him to be a committed and dedicated person. The two dots show he carries the love and blessings of his parents with him to successfully finish off anything he starts.

In signatures, only visible alphabets are calculated; therefore even if your name is in perfect sync with your dominant numbers, but if the signature is not in sync then the show doesn't sail through. To give you a simple understanding on the subject, I would like to add that most of us draw a stroke line below our signature but very few have a habit of putting two dots below that line, and in our studies these dots denote the blessings of your parents that you subconsciously carry with your signature in every decision you make.

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