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    About Nitaa Om Wellness   


Nitaa Om Wellness, founded by Mrs. Nitaa Bajaria, was born with the intention of providing remedies to people for their problems and enabling them to manifest their dreams and desires, and lead a happier, more meaningful life. 


NOW had its humble beginning in a WhatsApp group called the 'Om Group' where Nitaa would share remedies for any problems, predicaments and obstacles that her friends faced. Soon enough, word spread and more and more people joined the “Om Group” family as they saw increasing value in her remedies and guidance.

Nitaa, a graduate in Psychology and a practicing Tarot Card reader for 19 years, was inundated with positive feedback and testimonials. Inspired by this, she decided to take forward the journey of spreading joy by providing a helping hand and formally establishing Nitaa Om Wellness.


Today, Nitaa Om Wellness caters not only to its Indian clientele but also has an International client base around the globe offering the services of Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Therapy, Astrology, Numerology and other remedial techniques.


Nitaa Om Wellness is committed to offer best-in-class remedial services and enable every client to be able to 'manifest their desires NOW'.

    About Nitaa Bajaria   

Nitaa Bajaria

With over 19 years of experience under her belt, Nitaa has helped innumerous individuals in India and globally to deal with their relationship, financial and health problems through her expert Tarot Card readings, Crystal Therapy, and other remedial techniques such as Switch Words, Energy Circles and the Ho'oponopono practice.


Nitaa’s Tarot Card Readings don’t just focus on predictions but are of a soul nature. Based on an individual's readings, she formulates tailored programs and offers remedial therapies to ensure her client is able to succeed in the areas in which her/his progress is lacking.

The techniques that she uses for these programs are extremely effective, sophisticated, yet very simple to follow. She uses a combination of popular techniques like Switch Words, Law of Attraction Water Therapy, Numerology, Karmic Exercises, and Color Therapy etc. to enable her clients to manifest their desires.


Her programs have helped people achieve their goals, spot hidden opportunities, boost confidence, accelerate their health and relationships, and above all – live a joyful and stress-free life. 


This transformation in the lives of people is what keeps her going.

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