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Beneficial Colours as per your Ruling Planet

The priests of Memphis had famously said, ”The science of numbers and the art of will power are the keys of magic that open the gates of the universe”.

Numerology is often associated with astrology and similar divinatory arts; therefore we cannot forget or ignore the importance of the ruling planets and their harmonious colors.

No. 1 - Ruling Planet: SUN

Harmonious colors - Gold, Yellow, Orange & Purple

No. 2 - Ruling Planet: MOON

Harmonious colors - White, Grey, Cream & Pale Blue

No. 3 - Ruling Planet: JUPITER

Harmonious colors- Shades of Yellow, Violet, Purple & Green

No. 4 - Ruling Planet: URANUS

Harmonious colors - Electric Blue, Electric Grey, White & Maroon

No. 5 - Ruling Planet: MERCURY

Harmonious colors - White & Green

No. 6 - Ruling Planet: VENUS

Harmonious colors - Shades of Blue, Rose & Pink

No. 7 - Ruling Planet: NEPTUNE

Harmonious colors - All Shades Of Green & Yellow

No.8 - Ruling Planet: SATURN

Harmonious colors - Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Purple & Black

No.9 - Ruling Planet: MARS

Harmonious colors - All Shades Of Red, White & Yellow

You can incorporate these colors in your clothing, home decor, daily essentials that you carry with you, etc. to enhance your good luck.

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