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Get what you want with just one word- Switchwords!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Switchwords are basically words that help you switch your experience to a better more positive one, than what you are experiencing now. They were first identified by Freud and then researched by James T Mangan. These words work on the principals of Law of Attraction and hence it’s not what they mean, but the sounds and vibrations from them are what bring results.

To know more about switch words visit - What are Switchwords and how to use them?

How do they work?

Switchwords basically work on your subconscious. Many a times, though you think about success, the underlying fear and doubts are enough to sabotage your belief. This is the biggest hurdle between you and your goals!

Switchwords helps you train your brain for success. It affirms to your mind that success is possible and hence you see positive outcomes around you. For eg: If you are unable to attract money, it is mostly because deep down you believe you are not worth it. You are not sure if you can handle and manage the money that comes. Your actions are mostly directed by your sub-conscious, and hence training your sub-conscious is extremely important.

Switch words are usually one word or a phrase of two to three words together. It depends on what you wish to attract! It is important to note, that using more than three switchwords in a phrase, has seen poor results as the energies send conflicting signals to the universe and your mind is unclear about what to receive.  

There are a lot of switch words that are known as Universal switchwords and act as quick fixes for a particular problem. These work 95% of the time. For example - if you have lost something, you can use the switchword REACH.

Here is a list of few Universal Switchwords that will help you find answers for certain problems and situations.

  1. Wow – to be uplifted instantly

  2. Divine – to work miracles to enhance your strength

  3. Reach – to find lost objects 

  4. Count- to bring money

  5. Find – to amass a fortune

  6. Together – brings whatever you want and aligns your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

  7. BE – for good health and peace of mind

  8. STAR – to be inspired

  9. Add- to increase whatever you have

  10. Cancel – to eradicate poverty, debt, worry or negativity

As these are universal, they will work on some level when you start chanting them, however, it might not be the only tool required to dispel your problem. At times problems or beliefs are fused together because of years of experiences and past influences. Such situations need more than just a switchword and in these situations we recommend a personal session to understand the problem deeper and offer a customized solution where various techniques and solutions like energy circles, combined or special switch words etc. work together to bring you results.

You can book for a personalized session with Nitaa Bajaria by visiting our website – or email at

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