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How to use switch words for wealth and business

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Switch words work on harmonizing your conscious and subconscious mind and aid in manifesting something that your heart desires.

One of the most important things that we desire is money! It is important for survival and setting a social standard in Indian society. It makes you feel independent and in control. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Money is also a symbol of power.

But have you ever felt inadequate when you don’t have money? You might be running a successful business but are not sure what is it that is stopping you from taking the business to the next level. There could be times when you just can’t hold on to your money. Or maybe your money drains out faster than you earn! All this and more could be related to your blockages. These could be influencing the way money responds to your thoughts.

While it is important to think positive and focus on earning and prudently spending your money, it is also necessary to remove these blockages from your sub-conscious to achieve your full potential. Only once you have positivity around you and a harmonized conscious and sub-conscious mind; that is free from any blockages and negative influences, can you manifest your inner desires.

Switchwords for attracting money

Switchwords and Energy circles can help you when it comes to manifesting your dreams. You need to ask the universe what you wish for and the same will come true. For manifesting your money related desires, you must write these switchwords for at least 28 times every day for a minimum of 42 days. To get the best results, write them 108 times a day. It is advisable to write it in capital letters as that is known to work better.

Common Switchwords for attracting money

FIND-COUNT-DIVINE – For attracting Money Miracles

INTEND-NOW-PERFECT-RAINBOW-BE – For attracting good feelings, and an abundance of positive experiences

BRING-GOLD-CLOUDS-NOW – bring money immediately

SHREEM – attracting wealth

CHARM-BRING-CREATE-COUNT-HALFWAY-71,042 – Manifest your heart’s desires, deliver the goods, let money to come to you, make it happen fast.

COUNT-COUNT-COUNT-520 – Financial freedom

Apart from this, there are also a few numbers that are used in combination to attract wealth. These numbers or codes were derived by two different people - Lloyd Mear and Grigory Grabovoi. These numbers can be used with switch words or on their own. You can even add them in energy circles to see a difference. Just like switch words they can also be written on your arm or hand.

519 7148 – Everything is Possible

520 – Unexpected money

808 – Angelic number to take care of your finances

71,427,321,893 – Prosperity and Abundance

318 612 518 714 – Cash Flow Abundance

This information is shared for educational purposes and you should consider them only after consulting an expert. While you can see a difference in your life using these switchwords and energy numbers, to get a complete solution, connect with Nitaa Bajaria via e-mail -

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