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What does Numerology help us with?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Authored by Ms. Sapnaa Rraheja, Numerology Expert, Nitaa Om Wellness

Our lives work on the theory of karma, but whether we bring balance to our lives or ignorantly let it stay imbalanced is totally in our hands. What makes the difference is our state of mind and our own attitude towards ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.

Here, Numerology, or the power of numbers, helps you realise your inner potential, giving you positive perspectives on your issues and offering guidance on how you can deal with your problems effectively.

The vowels which gives sound to your names, or consonants which are the foundation of our names, play a pivotal role in enabling us to understand the journey we have embarked on in life. Therefore, depending on your desires, the alphabets in the name are played with to make the name stupendous and beneficial. Numbers are the woven magical bridge between the gap of our desires and destined outcomes.

Numerology is a spiritual way of understanding the unknown, and can help in the following:

- Rectify issues related to one's finances, health and relationships, and enable one to lead a happy, more fulfilling life

- Rectify planetary imbalances

- Identify and rectify one's weak points

- Do a compatibility check between partners

- Provide month-wise predictions for up to one year

- Assist in decision making

To know more about Numerology and Nitaa Om Wellness' Numerology services, you may contact Team NOW at 8433999379, or mail us at

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