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What is energy circle and how to use it?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

What are Energy Circles?

Energy Circles are powerful circles created to accumulate healing energies of switch words, grigori numbers etc. and send it to a particular person. They help in sending remote healing energy, power of the switch words to you or others. Energy Circles and switch words are popular alternative therapies that have helped millions achieve their goals worldwide.

Energy Circles are a medium to channel the positive and healing energies in one place to maximize the results. Having energy circles in the house, help generate positive vibrations that flow through the house or your workplace.

How to use them

Energy Circles are circles with images, numbers or text within. These images, texts or numbers are special and used for a particular function eg: to attract money. There are various ways in which one can use these energy circles and they can differ depending on the outcome that you wish to see. We ave listed out a few ways in which an energy circle can be used

  1. Energy Circles can be pasted on a wall or hung on it. You can even prop it against a wall on a stable footing. It is advised that energy circles should not be kept face down or inside a drawer or a confined place.

  2. You can place the energy circle on a wall, on a table facing upwards or if you have two or more energy circles they can be stacked together.

  3. You can use it with water therapy – Place a water bottle on the energy circle and let the water be charged with vibrations. Drink water from this bottle and replace it on the energy circle.

  4.  You can place the energy circle under your pillow in the bedroom. It can remain under the pillow and it will still create positive vibrations as you are in close proximity to it.

  5. You can place three figures on the energy circles to feel the positive vibrations in your body. Place your index, middle and ring finger over the circle.

  6. You can even place your photo on the energy circle to receive positive energy.

Some ways you should not use the Energy Circle

  1. Don’t keep Energy circles in closed or confined places where the energy cannot flow freely.

  2. Don’t add too many grigori numbers, switchwords etc. in the energy circle as that will create conflict.

  3. If you are creating your energy circle, ensure that the circle is a perfect round, it is complete and not showing any edges.

  4. Don’t place energy circles in a book or box

  5. Everything should be written within the energy circle and the text should not be cutting the circle or touching the edges.

Energy Circles are the simplest ways to channel positive energy into your life. Nitaa Bajaria has designed and created Energy circles that can help you attract wealth, good health and relationships. Connect with Nitaa Bajaria for more information or buy our ready to use energy circles from our store.

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