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Core principles of Energy Circles

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Energy Circles are powerful circles of healing that send healing powers to you. Energy Circles are circles with images, numbers or text within. These images, texts or numbers are special and used to attract a particular function. These circles can be hanged, stacked together or placed flat, facing upwards. 

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Energy Circle is an alternate therapy and before you decide on choosing an energy circle for your use, it is important to understand the core principals behind it. It is best to take advice from a coach or a master before creating or buying an energy circle. These circles work on the sub-conscious and conscious mind and till you identify the root cause of your current problem, all you will get is a half-baked solution.

Core Principals of Energy Circles


All solutions begin with awareness. You need to be aware about your problem and be open to accept them and make changes. Till the time there is no acknowledgement to a problem, a solution like an energy circle or switchwords is not going to be completely effective.


Awareness can be created when a coach opens your mind to possibilities. You might want to make money or achieve a certain position, but if even after your best efforts it is not possible, then you need a coach to unravel the influences that are dominating your thought and conscious and sub-conscious mind. Once you have identified the root cause and have cleared your mind to accept it and work on it, only then can any alternate therapy be really effective.

Law of Attraction

Energy Circles work in tandem with the Law of Attraction. The law simply put, states that the universe will give you what you ask for! In simple words, you use your thoughts and intentions to manifest your desires. As our experiences and influences in our life affect a great deal on what we think or believe, energy circles aid you in creating positive influences and focusing on your goals. 

Channel of expanding consciousness

Energy circles act as a channel to expand your consciousness and channel all the energy towards whatever you desire. There are various ways in which an energy circle can be used that will help charge the energies with vibrations. With regular use of energy circles you will see definitive changes in your life.

Open to receiving of Abundance

As you channel your energies and expand your consciousness you are automatically more open to receiving abundance. You believe, accept and are open to receiving. This is when you will start seeing changes that you really wish for in your life. 

Energy Circles work on these principals and only when you are aware and open to acceptance will these channels of alternate therapy help you create what you wish for.

Have you ever used Energy Circles? Are you curious about using energy circles but don’t know how to go about it? Connect with Nitaa Bajaria, a Tarot Reader and a Life coach to understand what it is, that’s holding you back from creating your reality. Send an email to

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