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Understand your personality traits through your birthday number!

Below is the personality description for individuals born on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of a month -

1st -

People born on the 1st of a month are generally very friendly, logical & independent personalities. Their logical nature clubbed with their urge to be independent makes them their boss and very ambitious. They are very competitive leaders and have the skills of being taskmasters. This also makes them frustrated by nature as they have a rapid mind. These personalities can also be extremely stubborn and hard-headed once they get attracted to a plan or project. Their major challenges in life are laziness, procrastination, and anger. These are the traits they need to be watchful about.

2nd -

People born on the 2nd of a month are naturally helpful, affectionate, and considerate. They perform best in a team. This number also makes them highly intuitive, sensitive, and diplomatic. Sometimes their sensitivity converts into extreme emotional behavior making them vulnerable to hurt. They are optimistic and confident people which helps them overcome the hurt experienced fast. They are attention seekers as well as they are talented and appreciate praise to convert it into a booster for them to perform better. Their major challenges in life are to fall victim to depression and become highly stressed. These are the traits they need to be watchful about.

3rd -

People born on the 3rd of a month are highly expressive, creative, and people of good company. They are natural explorers. They easily learn new things and are very adaptive. They are also artistic at heart, imaginative, and quick-witted. They have a special gift of gab. These are very enthusiastic social people. They hold a special place and charisma in the hearts of their loved ones. They have a very high aesthetic sense and are very fashionable. The challenges they face are rapid mood swings as they are not able to hold onto their perspective of life for long-term goals. This is something they must consider to lead a good life.

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