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Understanding what your house number means!

Right from the day we are born, our association with numbers becomes inevitable. Just like we cannot select our family members, we cannot change our life path number or destiny number. Nevertheless, we are blessed with the knowledge of numerology which can help us manipulate and balance our destiny numbers to aid us in achieving our goals.

Along with every decision that we take on the path of making progress in life, we have understood the importance of bringing balance between our destiny number and our desires simultaneously; where we are taking these important decisions also plays an important role. If we deeply think, we understand that the roots of our decisions start at our home, therefore the house number plays a very vital role in our life. The vibrations our home emits decide our environment leading to our mindset.

From a broader perspective, let's understand what vibrations or energies each number carries concerning the house.

HOUSE NO. 1: This house number emits independence, inspiration, start-up ideas, authoritative position, gives confidence, and pushes one on the right path. The house is radiant as the SUN.

HOUSE NO. 2: This house number emits a welcoming and accommodating vibe, aiding in making the residents non-judgmental, non-prejudiced, non-pretentious, and shall ensure the maintenance of genuine emotions. Residents living in house number 2 are wonderful hosts and the best in hospitality. They are as calm as the MOON.

HOUSE NO. 3: People who live in this house number are generally radiant and full of ambition to expand themselves to their best potential and ability. They tend to do their best and shine in everything they aspire to achieve. They exhibit governess qualities like the JUPITER.

HOUSE NO. 4: This is a tough number to deal with which isn't everyone's delight. The effects are extreme in everything, and it is advised to avoid living in house number 4 unless it is personally good for you. It puts one in limitations as URANUS.

HOUSE NO. 5:  Fidgetive, restless, busy, all in a positive sense, is what one experiences when one walks into such homes. The residents are always thriving for more than what they have achieved. It is a number that will keep the rustle at home and members on their toes. It facilitates constructive freedom as MERCURY.

HOUSE NO. 6: Such a house is aesthetically attractive and a magnet to luxury.  This number rightly proves the sentence LOVE/CARE IS IN THE AIR. It's an addictive number once you are used to the way no. 6 treats you. It brings balance in love & responsibility like the VENUS.

HOUSE NO. 7: This number is based on spiritualism, preferred for a retired lifestyle, as it inspires calmness and spiritual guidance. Its complex and subtle energy influences peace and discipline.  It makes one analytical like the NEPTUNE.

HOUSE NO. 8: This is again a tough number to deal with and not everyone's delight. It is good for self-employed people as it motivates, but it is a complex number for individuals who need encouragement. It's a number difficult to handle unless the resident is super talented. The combination of materialistic satisfaction and the spiritual quest is facilitated by SATURN.

HOUSE NO. 9: A beautiful number for intellectual people as it facilitates studies, observations,  knowledge, making it very good for students. It enhances one's humanitarian nature and keeps one gathered and focused. It promotes selflessness such as the MARS.

To understand your house number and whether it needs any rectification for aiding you in achieving your desires, you can contact us at +91 8433999379, or e-mail us at

Authored by: Ms. Sapnaa Rraheja, Numerology Expert, Team Nitaa Om Wellness.

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